Mymag theme allows you to set your logo as an image file or a text. To comply with the best SEO practices, on the site homepage the logo is wrapped inside a H1 html container. On the other pages(category, tag, archive, post single etc.) the title is wrapped inside a H1 container.

Change Website Logo

  1. Go to Appearance → Theme Options → Header Settings  
  2. Select Logo Tab
  3. From the Logo box set Logo Setting option to Custom Image Logo.
  4. Click Add button and Select your logo image to upload. Logo must be a .png or .jpg file
  5. Also you can upload a logo for the Retina devices . It should be 2x the size of main logo. If you do not set any retina logo, the site will load the normal logo on retina displays.
  6. After finishing the upload click the Save Changes button.