Customizing Categories

In Mymag you have 2 different types of options:

  • Global Archive settings – it applies the same options to all categories, all pages with blog List (Author page, Search page, Tags Page, Archive page).
  • Individual Category settings – you can set up options to a specific category that override the global archive settings.

Global Archive settings

To set up a Global Archives go to the Appearance → Theme Options → Archives Settings.

Individual Category settings

On each category you can set a Category Header Styles, Top Post Grids, List Layouts, Category Color and Category Background. You can mix them to create your category page.

  • Navigate to Posts menu > Categories .
  • Edit the category you want .
  • From the Edit category page you can change the settings of your category as following :

You can change:

  1. The category header template
  2. Category top posts grid
  3. Category article layout
  4. Category custom sidebar
  5. Category Posts settings
  6. Category style