Category top posts grid

It shows you top posts of category in archive page, You have multiple styles and layouts you can use different delightful grids and styles. The grid adds value to the page display and it draw visitors attention to the category latest posts or popular post.

To set up a global categories top posts grid:

  1. go to the Appearance → Theme Options → Archives Settings.
  2. Select Category page settings tabs
  3. You can enable or disable it
  4. Select Grid layout
  5. Select Grid filter (Latest posts, random post, popular post)
  6. Select Grid style

Override Category Slider Options for Specific Category:

Above options are common for all categories archive page but could be overridden for every single category. To do that:

  1. Go to Posts > Categories.  Edit the category you want, from the Edit category page you can change the settings of your category top grid posts
  2. You can enable or disable it
  3. Select Grid layout
  4. Select Grid filter (Latest posts, random post, popular post)
  5. Select Grid style

The theme has 6 different grid layouts  for the Category Top Posts Grid. Choose the one the fits best to your page and transform the way your visitor interact with the website.

Grid 1

Grid 2

Grid 3

Grid 4

Grid 5

Grid 6